The final conference of the Study on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas on 6 November 2018 was successfully completed. Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and MEP Peter van Dalen made a forceful case for the need of safe and secure truck parking solutions at an EU-level. Subsequently, the preliminary results of the Study were presented and discussed with the audience. The audience’s comments will be taken up and considered in the finalization phase of the Study.

You will find the presentations of the speakers below along with the video presentations.

A press release from DEKRA is available here.

A press release from IRU is available here.

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Conference brochure_ultrafinal
00 Mr. Rob de Leeuw van Weenen - FINAL Presentation_1
03 Mr. Peter van Dalen - SSTPA Study Background
04 Mr. Ralph Meyer - Presentation
05 Mr. Branislav Strycek - Presentation
07 Mr. Oleg Kamberski - Presentation
08 Mr. Menno Menist - Presentation
09 Mr. Rob de Leeuw van Weenen - FINAL Presentation_2
11 Mr. Olivier Silla - Presentation
12 Mr. Frederic Maas - Presentation
13 Mr. Stuart Madden - Presentation
14 Mr. Lothar Weihofen - Presentation