Bronze LevelSilver
(additional to Bronze)
(additional to Silver)
(additional to Gold)
Perimeter■ Visual deterrent to recognize the secure parking area
■ Lighting at 15 Lux
■ Vegetation trimmed, good visibility
■ Physical deterrent to prevent unauthorised access (e.g. ditch, rocks, fence) or continuous video monitoring and recording by trained staff
■ Lighting at 20 Lux
■ > 1.8 rn physical barrier (height)
■ Lighting at 25 Lux
■ CCTV covering perimeter
■ Measures to prevent unintentional damage to barriers
■ Clear zone of 1 meter between barrier and parking area
■ Add-on for physical barrier: Deterrents to climb over
Parking area■ Only freight vehicles and authorized vehicles allowed as indicated by signage
■ Physical or remote surveillance checks / inspection at minimum once in 24 h
■ Lanes must be lit at 15 Lux
■ Vegetation trimmed, good visibility
■ Physical or remote surveillance checks/ inspection at minimum twice in 24 h (one at daytime, one at night)
■ If pedestrian lanes exist, they must be lit at 15 Lux
■ Onsite or remote staff contact can be contacted 24/7
■ Marked vehicle and pedestrian lanes
■ Site manned or videocontrolled 24/7
■ Lighting at 25 Lux
■ CCTV (good image quality)
■ Barriers
■ CCTV (records of entering vehicles)
■ Barrier with underclimbing and over- climbing protection
■ Intrusion prevention/ detection, e.g. turnstile for pedestrians
■ License plate recognition
■ Gates must be installed
■ License plate must match ticket
■ Real time monitoring of entry/exit, including pedestrian entry/exit
■ If there is a gatehouse, it must be able to withstand an external attack (door closed)
Staff procedures■ Fix unauthorized vehicles so that they cannot drive away or
■ Removal of unauthorized vehicles if legally permitted
■ Risk Assessment Plan in place
■ Staff trained by an accredited training provider is available 24/7 onsite or in a control centre
■ Appointment of formally responsible person for staff procedures in case of incidents
■ Documented staff training once a year in view of incident prevention
■ Incident and crime reporting to staff and police must be enabled
■ All security staff must be certified guards under national/European legislation
■ The formally responsible person for staff procedures will schedule compliance checks, communication, recertification
■ A technical user manual must be used
■ Alarm response procedures
■ The parking area management system should be prepared for DATEX II data transfer
■ Business Continuity Plan in place

■ Any remote staff also trained/certified
■ Staff has personal communication system
■ Security training of site manager
■ Measures against power failure
■ Local risk assessment once a year
■ Pre-booking available. If the pre-booking is offered via an app or similar systems, data transmission must be real time.